Education & Videos

Rescue Videos
We share these videos as a reminder of all of the stories that occur in the world of animal rescue, both good and bad, and as a testament to our long-term commitment to helping all animals.

Breed & Behavior Education
If you are interested in owning any breed of dog, we recommend that you do your own extensive research first, to be sure that a breed is right for you.

Some good sources are breed organization websites, the American Kennel Club website, a local breed rescue organization, your veterinarian, or a dog show or shelter in your area so that you may be able to meet actual dogs. Provided here are some links to useful information provided by our other rescue friends to help start your research. Since many of the dogs that come to Angels 2 the Rescue are Pit Bulls, we have gathered some specific information on their breed definitions and characteristics.

**Click here** to find out information on what to do when your dog eats something they shouldn't! Information, image and post provided by

Obedience & Service Dog Programs
Our rescue has been lucky enough to partner with State Licensed Service Dog Trainers What A Nice Dog. All of our rescues are available to be trained for your service needs, please send us a message tell us about yourself and what type of service you require. We do the rest! Our rescue dogs not requiring "service" training all train in the Good Citizenship Award Program. read more >>